Icinia McIntosh has been writing all of her life. One of her most cherished childhood memories is the feeling of absolute joy derived from writing a story… not only the sheer pleasure of putting thoughts on paper, but the knowledge that her words would be read, and enjoyed, by others, was intoxicating indeed. Today, Icinia writes mostly poetry, with the occasional foray into the realm of short stories. Icinia McIntosh was born and raised in Canada and still makes her home there.


Thank you for visiting my blogsite. Here, I share my thoughts, emotions, opinions and ideas…all nicely packaged in a poem, or a short story…perhaps a letter…maybe an observation or opinion piece. My work is posted here to make the reader think, trigger memories perhaps, elicit emotions and most of all, to enjoy. I am very glad you stopped by, please do so often. ~Icinia McIntosh~

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