~The Beast~

Every day…
day after day…
the loneliness bites

It is cruel
Its claws dig deep…
hold tight
and won’t let go

It is a beast
of great strength
It follows her
through each day

And, at night
when sweet slumber
is close at hand
The beast snatches it away
and hides it well

The beast carries
a great load…
of pain…
and regret,
and pleading

Who will slay this beast?

c 2010


About Icinia

Icinia McIntosh has been writing all of her life. One of her cherished childhood memories is the feeling of absolute joy derived from writing a story...not only the sheer pleasure of putting thoughts on paper, but the knowledge that her words would be read, and enjoyed, by others was intoxicating indeed. Today, Icinia writes mostly poetry, with the occasional foray into the realm of short stories. Icinia McIntosh was born and raised in Canada and still makes her home there.
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