~Beyond the Mists of Time~

Long, long ago…
when pirates sailed the seas,
and dragons ruled the sky,
when wizards, high upon the mountaintop,
let loose their magick…
to dance
above the towns and village squares

The world was different then…
the skies were wider,
the seas were deeper,
mountains held secrets…
never to be revealed…
and wizards were not questioned

Many, many ages…
have come and gone
since then
Kings and queens have
reigned… and fallen…
died a lonely death

Knights roamed…
cities grew…
cathedrals touched the sky
Gypsies on wagons
and Witches on brooms,
camels on eastern sands…
closer and closer, we touched each other
until the Earth itself retreated

And, now…

Pirate ships…laid to rest
Dragons fly no more
And wizards, high upon the mountaintop,
no longer ply their trade

For all is lost,
the season gone,
adventure is no more
But in our hearts,
and the mirror of our souls
there lives…still…
a smile of memory…
beyond the mists of time

c 2010


About Icinia

Icinia McIntosh has been writing all of her life. One of her cherished childhood memories is the feeling of absolute joy derived from writing a story...not only the sheer pleasure of putting thoughts on paper, but the knowledge that her words would be read, and enjoyed, by others was intoxicating indeed. Today, Icinia writes mostly poetry, with the occasional foray into the realm of short stories. Icinia McIntosh was born and raised in Canada and still makes her home there.
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