~A Perfect Moment~

She was 4-years old
I was considerably older

She wore her fairy princess dress
Mine was at the cleaner’s

She waved her magic wand
I lost mine

We danced…
Around and around
dodging coffee table
pushing toys aside
avoiding little brothers

We danced…
to ‘our’ song
The Turtles
‘Happy Together’

We laughed…
and held hands
and watched billowing skirts

Oh yes…
a crystal clear
diamond studded
etched in my heart
perfect moment

c 2010


About Icinia

Icinia McIntosh has been writing all of her life. One of her cherished childhood memories is the feeling of absolute joy derived from writing a story...not only the sheer pleasure of putting thoughts on paper, but the knowledge that her words would be read, and enjoyed, by others was intoxicating indeed. Today, Icinia writes mostly poetry, with the occasional foray into the realm of short stories. Icinia McIntosh was born and raised in Canada and still makes her home there.
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